The First Memorial To Lynching Victims In The Nation


The Equal Justice Initiative is building a national memorial to victims of lynching in Montgomery, Alabama, which is expected to open in 2018. This memorial project relating to America’s history of racial terror and lynching will become the first memorial to lynching victims in the nation. When visitors enter the memorial, the ground drops and perception shifts as visitors realize the columns that appeared to be holding up the structure are actually monuments suspended from above,

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Benefits of Zinc

We hear a lot these days about going green inside the home. But what about the greenhouse gases produced from the construction and maintenance of the buildings we reside in? For the green-conscious, zinc’s properties can ease this aspect of eco-guilt.

Zinc : a natural and essential element.

Zinc is an abundant mineral in nature, being found in water, air, soil and rocks. It is a natural component in the Earth’s crust,

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elZinc America Releases 2 New Finishes

elZinc Oliva® is a dark grey pre-weathered zinc with subtle green and blue hues. These contemporary tones create a guaranteed natural and balanced contrast with the surrounding environment. Subtle and sophisticated, elZinc Oliva enhances any building’s appearance with unique and personalized aesthetics.

Main Applications

  • Roofing and Cladding
  • Rainwater Systems
  • Interior Design

elZinc Lava® is a charcoal grey pre-weathered zinc. Its color sits perfectly among the other finishes in the elZinc range and allows a greyscale gradient design that can add liveliness to facades in a notably unique way.

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