Main Features

The high quality of ASTM B69-13-certified elZinc sheet and coil is made possible by combining the latest cutting edge technologies available on the market with strict quality control.

elZinc America’s rolled products, which are available in Natural or in pre-patinated finishes, elZinc Slate, elZinc Graphite, elZinc Crystal, elZinc Lava, elZinc Oliva, and elZinc Rainbow are ideal for:

 Cladding and roofing

 Rainwater drainage accessories

Made of zinc with a minimum initial purity of 99.995%, elZinc America’s sheet and coil are characterized by:

 High malleability in any rolling direction

 High stability after forming

 Optimal electrowelding performance due to low surface oil

 Low-cold temperature brittleness

All elZinc® America rolled products comply with norms EN988 and ASTM B69-13 (USA), and are always designed to meet the highest possible standards of quality.

Available Manufacturing Options:

 Rolling thicknesses: from 0.2 mm to 1.2 mm

 Rollings widths: from 70 mm to 1,000 mm

 Coil weights: from 50 kg to 10,000 kg

zinc Sheet and Coil

elZinc Advantages

 Durability: elZinc has a very long life. One of the most important characteristics of zinc is that it is highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion. The patina that develops on its surface after a short time is self-healing, ensuring the material’s attractive appearance lasts for decades.

 Sustainibility: Zinc is one of the few materials used in construction that can be recycled indefinitely without losing its physical and chemical characteristics.

 Malleability: elZinc conforms to practically any shape including bends and complex geometric forms. This gives architects great freedom in their designs.

 Appearance: elZinc® is a contemporary material, perfectly suited to all types of architecture, both classical and modern.

 Variety: elZinc® America offers a huge variety of surface aspects which create a vast number of design possibilities.

elZinc Finishes