elZinc®: a quality brand

The use of the best technologies available on the market allows us to offer quality products that exceed the requirements of standard EN 988 and ASTM B69 within which are established the specifications for flat-rolled products of zinc alloys for use in building.

The alloy is produced from zinc of the highest quality (Z1>99.995%)  to which precisely controlled quantities of copper (Cu) and titanium (Ti) are added to improve the zinc’s properties, according to the European standard UNE-EN 1179.  The alloy´s purity is closely monitored by a series of finely regulated controls.

elZinc runs strict quality control testing on all of its rolled zinc products.

Quality Analysis

Through the optimization of the rolling process’ operating parameters and meticulous temperature control during all of the various production stages, elZinc® has developed a product of excellent quality suitable for different applications in building.

The rigorous Quality Controls continuously conducted by our own laboratories and by prestigious independent experts maintain and attest to the Quality of our material.

elZinc’s products are characterized by:

  Very good work-ability irrespective of the direction of rolling.

  High resistance to creep (creep strain limit).

  Low cold brittleness.

 Optimal electrowelding performance due to its low surface oil content.

elZinc: a reliable brand

All elZinc® sheets and coils are identified with a serial number to ensure traceability.

This automatic marking on the inside surface of the metal guarantees product traceability and quality of the material.

It consists of 5 segments:

1.  elZinc brand.

2.  ZnCuTi alloy.

3.  EN988 standard.

4.  The product thickness.

5.  Coil and casting identifying code.

elZinc identification on zinc sheets and coils

elZinc’s marking.


ISO 9001

From its origins, Asturiana de Laminados, SA – elZinc® – has submitted itself to an ongoing process of improvement that has been accredited and endorsed by the internationally recognized standard for quality management UNE-EN ISO 9001.

elZinc®’s main concern and objective is to give our clients total satisfaction right from the first contact.

ISO 9001

Physical Properties of elZinc:

Density7.2 kg/dm3
Melting point420ºC
Recrystallisation temperaturemin. 300ºC
Coefficient of linear expansion0.022 mm/m/ºC

Test Criteria of elZinc’s standard rolled zinc:

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elZinc Certificate