elZinc Oliva

Main Features

elZinc Oliva® is a dark grey pre-weathered zinc with subtle green and blue hues. These contemporary tones create a guaranteed natural and balanced contrast with the surrounding environment.

The pre-weathered finish is manufactured according to the requirements established by ASTM B-69 standards. During the manufacturing process, small amounts of titanium and copper are alloyed to electrolytic zinc of greater than 99.99% purity to achieve outstanding material properties that exceed the requirements established.

Subtle and sophisticated, elZinc Oliva® enhances any building´s appearance with unique and personalized aesthetics.


Main Applications

 Roofing and cladding
Rainwater systems

Standard Sheet Sizes

 39.4 x 120 in.

 Thicknesses:  0.65 ‐ 0.70 ‐ 0.80 ‐ 1.0 mm

Standard Coil Sizes

 Widths: 39.4 – 48 x 120 in. Custom widths available

 Thicknesses: 0.65 – 0.70 – 0.80 – 1.0 mm