elZinc Rainbow® Green Zinc Upgrades Aging Transit Center Roof

elZinc Rainbow Green zinc clads new roof and facade of Aspen's Rubey Park Transit Center

Built over 30 years ago, Rubey Park Transit Center in Aspen, Colorado has undergone a recent transformation to modernize it with the incorporation of elZinc architectural zinc material into its design.

The primary goal of the renovation was to maintain the historic and familiar roof arrangement of the original 1980’s transit center.  Rubey Park’s retrofit features both the use of zinc replacement roofing as well as the addition of zinc on part of the façade totaling roughly 8,900 square feet of 0.8mm elZinc Rainbow® Green provided by elZinc America.

“There’s an identity about Rubey Park that people have in their minds, so we wanted to build on and enhance that. We’ve tried to retain some of the key elements of the existing building, and update it so that it functions well and so that it’s a safe place to be and that people like coming in and out,” says Gilbert Sanchez, Principal-in-charge and architect with Studio B Architecture who was responsible for the updated design. “Zinc provides an appealing and quality aesthetic appearance for this civic project.”

elZinc architectural grade zinc was chosen as the new roof cladding to help maintain the historic form of the building.  The zinc material was fabricated into Double Lock Standing Seam Panels cladding the roof and façade of Rubey Park.  Sanchez says the Standing Seams Panels were selected in part for its visual connection to the original roof, durability and low maintenance.

“Zinc provides an appealing and quality aesthetic appearance for this civic project.” 

“The zinc panels reflect the original and familiar roof form while successfully integrating with the new additions and modern appearance of the rejuvenated facility,” says Sanchez.

A product of the late 1980’s, Rubey Park Transit Center has seen a lot of traffic over the years outgrowing its original stature and creating several operating issues.

To relieve issues like overcrowded bus parking and increased number of bus riders, the restoration of Rubey Park Transit Center included the addition of two buildings on either side of the original center, improving passenger and pedestrian amenities and enhancements to transit staging and operations.

“I couldn’t be happier than the way this project turned out. The elZinc material helped transform the center to a modern functional facility that will last a lifetime,” says Josh Spence, Project Manager of MetalTech-USA.

Installation and fabrication of the Double Lock Standing Seam Roof panels was completed by Douglass Colony Group of Commerce City, CO.