elZinc Lava

Main Features

elZinc Lava® is a charcoal grey pre-weathered zinc. Its color sits perfectly among the other finishes in the elZinc range and allows a greyscale gradient design that can add liveliness to facades in a notably unique way.

This pre-weathered finish is manufactured according to the requirements established by ASTM-B-69 standards. During the manufacturing process, small amounts of titanium and copper are alloyed to electrolytic zinc of greater than 99.99% purity to achieve outstanding material properties that exceed the requirements.

elZinc Lava is an excellent choice for both contemporary and traditional architecture.

Main Applications

 Roofing and cladding
 Interior Decoration

Standard Sheet Sizes

 39.4 x 120 in.

 Thicknesses:  0.65 ‐ 0.70 ‐ 0.80 ‐ 1.0 mm

Standard Coil Sizes

 Widths: 39.4 – 48 x 120 in. Custom widths available

 Thicknesses: 0.65 – 0.70 – 0.80 – 1.0 mm

 Internal coil dimensions: Coil weight ≤ 551 lbs: 12 in. ; Coil weight ≥ 551 lbs: 20 in.