Main Features

Pearl grey pre-patinated zinc, elZinc Crystal creates striking effects that personalize your facades. Its changing reflections play with light and give it a different look depending on its exposure. In addition to the beauty of this finish, zinc creates a protective barrier which extends the life of a building’s exterior.

Zinc has a unique ability to combat corrosion which makes it a great choice in architecture. When it is exposed to moisture and carbon dioxide present in the earth’s atmosphere, a layer of zinc carbonate forms on the surface to protect it. This prohibits the corrosion process that other metals will naturally experience making it very low-maintenance. Even in a harsh location, exposed to debris and wind, you can install it and basically forget about it.

elZinc Crystal is manufactured according to the requirements established by ASTM B69 standards. During the manufacturing process, small amounts of titanium and copper are alloyed to electrolytic zinc while still preserving its initial properties of alloying components at the highest level of purity – 99.99%. Since this process does not affect the overall composition, elZinc Crystal remains completely recyclable and reusable.

Modern yet timeless, elZinc Crystal, will bring a unique touch to your architecture without sacrificing quality.


Main Applications

 Roofing and cladding
Rainwater systems
 Interior Decoration


Standard Sheet Sizes

 39.4 x 120 in.

 Thicknesses:  0.65 ‐ 0.70 ‐ 0.80 ‐ 1.0 mm

Standard Coil Sizes

 Widths: 39.4 – 48 x 120 in. Custom widths available

 Thicknesses: 0.65 – 0.70 – 0.80 – 1.0 mm

 Internal coil dimensions: Coil weight ≤ 551 lbs: 12 in. ; Coil weight ≥ 551 lbs: 20 in.