Main Features

Larson & elZinc composite material is a high quality wall cladding material, providing long-term performance and flexibility of design for the most demanding of projects.

It consists of two elZinc sheets continuously bonded to a ridged core made of either low-density polyethylene (PE) or of mineral filled Fire Retardant resin (FR) to provide flatness and lightness. The FR core material is defined as providing very little contribution to a fire by US standards (ASTM, E84, NFPA285)  fire classification.

The advanced production process ensures excellent bonding, achieving twice the recommended determination values.

Larson® & elZinc composite panel will enhance your most creative project with its range of colors (elZinc Natural, elZinc Slate, elZinc Graphite, elZinc Crystal, elZinc Lava, elZinc Oliva, and elZinc Rainbow).

zinc composite panels

Main Advantages

 Excellent formability

 Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio

 Excellent flatness

Main Applications

 Construction of ventilated, semi-ventilated and airtight facades

 Renovation of facades

 Rainwater products manufacturing

 Large format

Larson & elZinc FR

 Standard length: 122″

 Standard width: 39.4″

 Total thickness: 4mm

 Internal skin thickness: 0.5mm

 External skin thickness: 0.5mm

 Weight: 10 kg/m2

Larson & elZinc PE

 Standard length: 122″

 Standard width: 39.4″

 Total thickness: 4 mm

 Internal skin thickness: 0.5 mm

 External skin thickness: 0.5 mm

 Weight: 10 kg/m2

elZinc Finishes